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August 27, 2013
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"For everyone who loves to create"
★Thank you so,so much for the DD! I'm really, really touched at the response to this. ★

Update: ~Trollbrus has kindly provided a Spanish translation! You can check it out here!

A small story I've been meaning to draw out.
Finally done to celebrate 1000 days of daily doodles on my doodle blog o/

It works best on large resolution screens lol;;;
If the flash does not work for you , you can view a page by page version here.

Artwork + Story © Nichol CLH .//projectTiGER 2013 
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-08-29
-For everyone who loves to create- by =projectTiGER is a heartwarming comic that portrays the endless circle of admiration between artists. It is a kind and sweet reminder to never give up on your artistic creations.
(Suggested by many, many deviant artists)
( Featured by SqueakyToybox )
Sokkosan 1 hour ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
Wow! I'm crying~ Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon  This touched me really much! I love this!! This inspired me to draw more.
The-Zakuru 15 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
estarflame 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. Thank you so much for this. Im really really happy, I cant thank you enough
DistantRedemption 18 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] This is amazing!
setsuna75 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PFFT ! BULLSHIT !! The story is cool but seriously, Art is only for people who have talents. That's the reality of this shitty world. The others  ( like me ) who has no talents can't reach a good level at drawing. And don't tell me practice make you better, it's wrong !! ART is only for talented people....that's sad but it's the reality....
DistantRedemption 18 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Hmm, well that's not what everyone believes. The truth can be different for other people too. :)

For me, art isn't about talent- it's about expressing yourself in a way that so many people choose to not to. I've heard many people in my own grade say that they can't draw- that they have no talent.... but then again, is talent always important? Wouldn't you rather have fun with it first instead? That's what I think anyway. The official definition of art is this (it's on google):

'the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power'

Art is meant to be enjoyed, not so much 'good'. Celebrated for it's emotion, or idea behind it; not for how 'great' it is. Everyone has there own dreams, and as such, there very own unique definition of what is considered 'good art'.

Art no matter what your opinion on it (whether you dislike your own art or someone else's) is still a way to let your emotions out, even if the picture you create is just a stick person, (and to be honest, I've seen some pretty awesome stick figure artwork out there, just saying) If you're looking to get popular, then that yes, does require talent. But all good things start out small... taking baby steps, and wishing to get better; to me talent comes almost only from practice. And I know what your thinking: Wow this is a dumb goody two shoes, and yes I am. ^-^ An annoying one at that! But when you were younger, only a baby, you didn't jump up and start running when you were born, did you? It started with nothing at all, just kicking your legs around, and trying to get a grip on the world around you. Then, it went to a very wobbly crawl on all fours, and it was hard at first, but you kept at it... didn't you? Until eventually, you were able to stand by yourself, and then even walk around a little. These things take time, as well as a whole lotta effort. And trust me, it helps in the long run.

Yes some people are better at it from others, but then again, two people aren't the same. It would suck if our 'shitty' world had everyone acting exactly the same now wouldn't it? Even more so then it does now. The world has it's bad points, but then again- if it were perfect... we wouldn't be who we are today. Heck, we might not even be alive in the first place. To me, the world is meant to be imperfect... because even though it has so much negativity, there is always something to look forward to.

Everybody is different, and that is what makes their artwork unique. That's what I believe anyway. :D
setsuna75 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see your point....Sorry for get angry but it's just jealousy and frustration. I love drawing and i always wanted be better and a draw a comic one day, but the reality is i'm not good...I tried to study like anatomy, but it's boring, difficult, and i can't barely draw a figure....
Maybe  my lack of confidence ( i'm a negative guy ) block me but i swear sometimes i dream to draw like artists i respect but the reality is hard...Plus, my drawings is ignored on devient art so i decided to stop.... Seriously i want to practice but i don't know what to do....Thanks for the reply.
DistantRedemption 53 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
Don't worry about it! And why would I block you for giving an opinion? That wouldn't make any sense at all. All I did was give you my own thoughts on it- no big deal. :)

To be perfectly honest, I'm still frusterated with anatomy, and just trying to redraw a character in general; I've been stressed out over it for more than a few months now... I kinda lost count on how many times I've almost quit drawing completely ^^;. It seems so much easier to just stop, and quit drawing completely then keep going. But something just pushes me to keep going... but I don't know what. Starting out in something is always the hardest, or at least so I've been told.

Maybe if you want to practice... hmm... well, why not just start drawing? Even just a single wavy line on a paper will work? Or maybe draw something that you think will look awful on perpose, then try to improve it when you feel like it? That is what I do, anyway. And half the time, the finished drawing sucks xP, but I keep it and see if I can draw it better the next time I get to it.
People think I never cry. I thought I wouldn't cry anymore. This made my eyes water and I shed a tear. Thanks.
caedesphonic 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god I wanna cry. ; 7 ;
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