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October 25, 2013
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Halloween 2013 by projectTiGER Halloween 2013 by projectTiGER
110 Halloween2013

Happy early Halloween everyone! 
Just something to unwind, I've been pretty busy with irl responsibilities lately ((((;゜д゜)))

Artwork © Nichol CLH .//projectTiGER 2013
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The overall piece is fantastic and eye-catching, but you need to at more color. Not the actual "color" but when there is color, light tends to reflect it against other objects. For example, because the girl is wearing a lot of purple, her skin should tend to have a bit more purple in it than if it was in blue or yellow. In addition, the coloring inside the hat is kind of misleading, because there is no "abstract" in the other parts of the piece, so therefore, I thikn you should leave it as dark purple. I also feel like you should either bring the background more back, or the pumpkins forward. Generally, in these types of drawings, there isn't much of a need to differenciate the closeness-faraway, but since the pumkins look more blurred out or lighter than both the girl and the background, it looks like it should be behind the background, and there for eyou should either pull the pumkins more forward to the background back.
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While the overall artwork is great, and I particularily enjoyed watching it, I will try be completely objective about this fine pice of work.

I really liked the direction you tried (and managed) to follow with the girl, making it a whole halloween theme that comes only towards the direction of the girl, and at the same time, draws the limits of the drawing (the hat REALLY helped and got me that feeling) I liked the idea, and it's a nice twist from just a generic halloween theme. In particular, I didn't completely liked the design of the background, (the stripes with slightly different colors sorta look generic for me), but since you really nailed with the grey color, It sorta works with the intention, that's why I give it a slightly less score, but the impact remains. I'm giving you 4.5 for your vision.

Now, moving on. I don't want to be mean with your drawing, and much less with your artistic choices at the time of drawing. But what really pulls me out of the drawing is the halloween theme. I know, I know. It is the season, and because is halloween, It is the idea to sort of recreate the environlment, but on the personal I find it distractingly amusing, and sadly, the pumpkins reference really pulls me away from the drawing. The whole idea of the halloween-disguised girl with obvious reference to the season is not new, and it sorta makes it a clique, even by DA standarts. That's why, sadly, I am giving it 2 out of 5 stars, and just because it really pulls me into the drawing and setting, but sadly, not enough to make it a unique idea. Next time, I would like the reference to the season not so painfully obvious, subtely is the key (maybe hints that, she is, in fact in a cementry).

On the complete oposite side, holy freakin' mother of god-.. The way you portrayed, and by that, managed to achieve with your drawing skills! The details are unbelievable, and while at first view it may seem like a simple drawing for the untrained eyes, prepare to be despised at the enormous quantity of details. Candies scattered, crowsses on the background, a glitter-like polen that comes out of the girl, and mixes with the stars, and not to mention, the "moon" and the four "stars" really amazed me at first sight, and upon closer examination I realized where did they came from. The details on the girl's body, and the pumpkins, and the little kittens just did it from me. 4.5 out of 5 for the drawing technique, as always lovely but detalistic, which overall sucks you into the same and invites you to discover all of it secrets, art which on the plus side replicates on (most) of your current drawings. Next time I would like to see maybe a little more of definition on the girl's features? (I don't know, I felt as if the girl's face was a little bit unfinished and undetailed, compared to the objects in the area, but this is just nitpicking I guess).

Final, but not least, I will give you a 4 out of 5 for the impact. While it makes a good job at transmitting both the setting and emotion, it really drawn me out due to the over-used setting. But, I will be fair, it really makes it's job at delivering what you wanted to transmit.
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Tochu07 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013
So Cute! :happybounce: 
theGrayStray Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013   General Artist
Very cute Halloween witch :3 I love her hat
TouchedVenus Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Happy Halloween! Your work has been featured HERE! I hope you have a great evening! :pumpkin:
projectTiGER Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for the feature!
TouchedVenus Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You are quite welcome! :D
Negativethecat Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Kawaii! Great work!!
Eraili Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww it looks so great ;u;
You are so awesome :heart:
Yuzexion Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So cuute!! > u <
Motion-Blue Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013
nice work!
LadyCheck Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Love the coloring and the concept!
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